Take advantage of these benefits

Why a home inspection is a smart investment.

Benefits of a home inspection

  • Find out what type of systems and components exist in the home.
  • Determine the condition of the systems and major components of the home.
  • Understand how the systems and structural components of the home function.
  • Learn how to operate and maintain the home to improve the enjoyment and value of the home.

Our Services

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Whether you have owned a home previously, or you are a first time home buyer, with a thorough home inspection and a detailed report, we will provide you with an accurate assessment and complete understanding of the homes current condition so you can make an informed decision.

Pre-sale Home INspections

This inspection, which is done prior to putting the home up for sale, can alert you to any issues that can possibly present a roadblock when attempting to sell your home and gives you the opportunity to plan for or repair any defects that may have been discovered.

Home Maintenance inspection

If you’re a home owner, it is a good idea to periodically check the condition of your house and its mechanical and structural elements. You may want to identify any existing and potential problems before they intensify and create the basis for unplanned expenses, sometimes significant.

Home Renovation inspection

Are you ready for a major renovation on your older home. We can provide a full inspection that will help you prioritize where your money would be best spent and help you develop a scope of work for your renovation project.

Why Choose Yellowknife Home Inspections

At Yellowknife Home Inspections we have carefully designed the home inspection process to include all of the information that you need to feel confident.  We invite you to join us on the inspection where we will take the time to discuss anything that we find.  We will also explain items that you should consider for proper home maintenance and we will show you how to operate many of the systems in the home.  

Our Reports Include:

– Description of Home Systems

– Detailed Recommendations

– Pictures and Illustrations

– Links to Additional Resources