Home Maintenance Inspection

Home maintenance inspection

Homes require ongoing attention and care!

You’ve seen those homes that could have been so much more, but sadly, after many years of not keeping up with the home’s maintenance the home has now aged beyond its useful life and is now likely in need of costly repairs or even a major renovation.

We can perform a Home Maintenance Inspection for you so you are aware and informed on the elements and systems within the home that need proper ongoing attention and care.

See below for how a Home Maintenance Inspection can help…

How a home maintenance inspection Can Help


  • Identify concerns early so you can extend the useful life of your home
  • Repair minor issues so they don’t become major issues
  • Improve the homes safety and comfort
  • Better understanding of the homes systems and how they function

Priority Maintenance Items and Schedule

We develop a priority maintenance list for your home and layout a schedule for the coming year so you know when to have these maintenance items addressed.

Our fee:

Home Maintenance Inspection, with follow up report and priority maintenance schedule:

$500 plus GST.

Receive report within 24 to 48 hours after inspection.