Verbal Consultation (On-site Walkthrough)

Verbal Consultation (On-site walkthrough)

A verbal consultation can be a valuable tool!

From March to September Yellowknife is a hot housing market! A verbal consultation can be a valuable tool for home buyers looking for a fast close.

We will conduct an on-site walkthrough with the home buyers that will explain the systems of the home and looks for any major issues, any minor issues that can lead to major issues, and any health or safety issues. At the end of the walkthrough we will address any overall questions and findings and provide a USB thumb-drive with an inventory of photos.

See below for how a Verbal Consultation can help…

How a home verbal consultation Can Help


  • Offers peace of mind quickly about the condition of the home
  • Beyond esthetics, the buyer will better understand the homes systems and how they function
  • Inspector can identify issues and provide valuable tips for maintenance and repairs
  • Photos provided on USB thumb-drive

What if we need a full inspection report afterwards?

We keep an inventory of photos on file that can be utilized for a full pre-purchase inspection report or a post-purchase inspection report up to 30 days after the verbal consultation.

Additional fees will apply.

What if we can’t attend the walkthrough?

We can conduct the walkthrough with you via virtual connection such as Zoom, Skype or Google Duo, or we can connect through phone during or after the walkthrough.

Our fee:

Verbal Consultation will cover:

  • Roof – type, condition and lifespan
  • Exterior features and condition
  • Structure/Foundation type and condition
  • Plumbing/Heat/Electrical
  • Windows – type, condition and lifespan
  • Interior features and condition

$350 plus GST.