Home Renovation Inspection

Home renovation inspection

Your home needs big upgrades, but where is your money best spent?

While you may not be selling your home anytime soon, you know its time for a big renovation project and you want to be sure that when you are spending significant money on these upgrades that you are getting the best bang for your buck, AND, the best improvements for the longevity of your home.

We can provide a full inspection that will help you prioritize where your money would be best spent and help you develop a scope of work for your renovation project.

See below for how a Home Renovation Inspection can help…

How a Home renovation inspection Can Help

Understand the condition of your home

  • My roof appears old, how long before I need new roofing?
  • Can I put new flooring over old flooring?
  • My home is on bedrock, why does cracking still happen?
  • Should I re-stain, paint, or replace my cabinets?

Prioritize your dollars!

Often home owners will spend significant money on cosmetic improvements only to have a major home system fail and cost them much more than they intended to spend. We will help you identify the priority items for your renovation project through an inspection and the development of a proper scope of work and cost estimate.

Our Fee:

Complete Home Renovation Inspection report along with scope of work, including high level cost estimate for project.

$690 plus GST

Receive report within 24 to 48 hours after inspection.