Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Buying a home is likely the biggest single investment you will ever make

A home inspection isn’t just about protecting your investment, but also about protecting you and your family. At Yellowknife Home Inspections we understand this and take your decision very seriously. We know we are an integral part in your decision to make the biggest investment of your life. A good quality home inspection should be a part of every real estate transaction. It is the best way to ensure that everyone is protected.

See below how a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection can help…

How a Pre-Purchase home Inspection Can Help

Understand the condition of the home

A home inspection is designed to help buyers make informed decisions about their home purchase, ensuring that the physical condition of the house is on par with what the house appears to be.

Spend now save later and, quicker sale!

Identifying issues prior to the house purchase can save buyers a lot of money in the long run.

A home inspection before purchasing a home can help answer a lot of questions about the property, making it easier for both the buyer and the seller to agree on the market value of the house. This makes for a smooth quick sale!

Our Fee:

Receive report within 24 to 48 hours after inspection.

  • Condo Apartment = $550
  • 1 – 2000 sq/ft = $600
  • 2001 – 4000 sq/ft = $650
  • 4001 + sq/ft = $690
  • Plus 5% GST